Just a few of the reasons we continue to fight...

These are real comments from real people - our friends, relatives, and neighbors from the Tri-County Region, whom we have been honored to help fight their battle with cancer.

We can do even more with your support.

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Dear Silver Lining Fund Members:

Thank you all so much for my help while I was receiving my cancer treatments. The doctor just told me I am in remission now. I am hoping to go back to school in Sept. for my Masters degree. It has been a rough year, but I have so much to be thankful for. Your generosity made our trips so much easier financially.

Sincerely T.P.

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Thank you for your kindness during my battle with cancer. I would not be able to make it without your support.

Thank you,

R. C.

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To: The Silver Lining Cancer Fund
Attn: Sauni

Please accept our donation of $2,290.34 to be made in Jessica Zifchak's name to your organization. Included below is some background information on how we were able to make this donation.

The Inspiration Jessica team was formed in honor of our friend Jessica Zifchak, who lost her battle with cancer at age twenty-four on July 8, 2009. Jessica was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in August of 2005. Over four years she endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, a tandem stem-cell transplant, and passed away while awaiting a donor marrow match.

Jessica approached every situation and numerous setbacks with grace and courage that was inspirational. She did so with a smile that still radiates on today and give us hope to continue to fight for a cure.

Jessica's journey touched the lives of many and helped raise awareness of the disease. She strived to help others by sharing her story and encouraging all to join the fight.

Jessica's passing left us with a feeling that life really is to short. It has brought us all closer together and urged us to make the most of every moment and cherish the time we have together.

This past January we decided to get a group of our friends together to raise awareness of the disease and celebrate Jessica's life and unwavering spirit. Three members of the group ran the Rock 'n Roll half marathon (13.1 miles) in Phoenix, in honor of Jessica.

Our team:
Stephanie Scarnecchia (Chicago, IL)
Janeen Delgenio (Phoenix, AZ)
Jennifer Maravola (Philadelphia, PA)
Jessica Schnarrs (New York, NY)
Sara Revella (San Diego, CA)
Tealle Hunkus (Los Angeles, CA)
Nicole Keegan (Phoenix, AZ)

All members of the group, except Nicole, are 2003 graduates of Girard High School just as Jessica was. We were all best friends with one another since we were young and still remain close over the years. This was an opportunity for us to continue what Jessica started, to fight this disease with everything we have.

While Jessica's fight may have ended she has left us with the desire to continue to tell her story and support those in need. All members of the group attended the race in Phoenix, AZ and wore shirts in remembrance of Jessica and support of Lymphoma awareness. Jennifer, Janeen, and Nicole participated in the half Marathon race.

Supporting an organization that so graciously extended its hand to help our best friend when she needed it most is a way for us to honor Jessica's memory. We have chosen to support this organization because they helped provide Jessica with her necessary medications during her fight with Lymphoma.

This organization also helped Jessica's mom, Chris, when she fought her courageous battle with breast cancer. We wanted to give back to an organization that aids so many and does not receive the credit it rightfully deserves. We decided to raise money to be donated in Jessica's name that can help support someone in a similar situation, while also raising awareness of the Silver Lining Fund.

The team put together a website for Jessica, inspirationjessica.atspace.com to encourage friends and family to donate to the Silver Lining Fund. Over the past four months we were able to raise $2,290.34 for the Silver Lining Fund in honor of Jessica.


Janeen Delgenio and Stephanie Scarnecchia

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My name is Steve.

My wife Darlene has colon cancer, a battle she has been fighting for fifteen years.

When I went to The Silver Lining Fund to seek help, the people there were by far 100% with their generosity to step up and help us with a donation. My wife gets a donation that enables us to pay for her insurance.

If not for the Silver Lining Fund, we would not be able to do that. For that reason I would like to give all of the people there my upmost thanks and appreciation.

It is nice to have someone there to help.

Thank You Again,

Steve & Darlene

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Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for your time and information that you recently shared with me. I do appreciate your cooperation and expertise!


P. P.

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Dear Friends at the Silver Lining Fund,

I want to say THANK YOU for your gift.

It helped pay for some bills.


C. B.