Welcome to The Silver Lining Cancer Fund

The Silver Lining Cancer Fund is committed to helping cancer patients of the Tri-County Region in need. This year we are helping even more individuals than ever before...and this is OUR GOAL. While achieving our purpose is gratifying and very important, it also means we must keep pace with the needs of those we serve.

The all-volunteer staff of SLCF needs your help. Two factors drive our efforts...donations and volunteers. Donations, no matter how much, are critical, and are tax-deductible. If you have time to help us in our efforts, we welcome your support.

Please visit our "Volunteer" and "Support/Contact" pages to learn how you can help SLCF continue our efforts to support Mahoning Valley residents who face the challenge of this life-changing disease, and see some of the local organizations who support and share our commitment.

Thank you.


The Silver Lining Cancer Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Fund is comprised of a group of concerned healthcare professionals and volunteers dedicated to meeting the needs of people diagnosed with cancer.

This local organization works diligently to raise funds to help cancer patients in the Tri-County Region. All funds raised by The Silver Lining Cancer Fund stay in the Tri-County Region.

Over 40 years ago, The Fund was started by Dr. Lawrence Pass, an oncologist with the Youngstown Hospital Association in Youngstown, Ohio. Dr. Pass enlisted the help of his fellow doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel to donate time and money to his cause for cancer patients.

This initial group of dedicated professionals generated thousands of dollars, distributing all of it to very deserving patients and families in a local tri-county area.

Dr. Pass believed there's a "silver lining" even when bad things happen, hence the Silver Lining Cancer Fund. He saw the great need of people. Dr. Pass and the nurses working with him at the time used this idea as their inspiration for their support of a worthy cause.

Dr. Lawrence Pass left the earth on March 24th, 2021. His mission will continue for generations to come.

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Fighting Disease:

Malignant cancer diseases cause patients and families to confront physical and emotional circumstances that can be devastating. While the Silver Lining Cancer Fund cannot alter a prognosis, it can ease the burden by helping with expenses incurred during treatment.

The Silver Lining Cancer Fund was created because hospitals are more business-oriented and patients are left to find their own help. The Fund assists with expenses that arise from malignant diseases for patients actively being treated.

Disbursements of funds are determined by the Board of Trustees. No credit or financial investigations are made.

Our Funding:

The Silver Lining Cancer Fund now has one major fund raiser each year, otherwise relying primarilly on bequests from estates and gifts from individual and corporate donors.

The need is far greater now than it was when Dr. Pass started The Fund, and the challenge to continue Dr. Pass' vision will continue. Volunteers are vital to our mission and are always welcome!